The International Struggle against Capitalism, Nationalism and the State

On the occasion of the international workers' holiday, the IWA sends greetings to all workers of the world. This May Day, we are out in the streets in different cities, reminding of our international struggle against capitalist exploitation and for workers' self-management. We also struggle against the state and its instruments which defend the capitalist order and repress resistance.

The situation of the working class differs both around the world and in particular situations. Nonetheless, we can witness trends which are trans-national in their nature. One is the rise of xenophobic sentiment, which is used to put working people against each other and confuse them about the real nature of their exploitation.

Many working people feel the harsh realities of a system that is not working for them. Where those who have access to capital reep the most rewards while the average person struggles for survival.

The realities of the uneven access to wealth is often felt the sharpest in countries with low wages, high unemployment or in places with mass poverty, Immigration is nothing new and for hundreds and even thousands of years, people have made their way across the globe in search of a better life.
All of the political tendencies which seek to blame immigrants for the worsening situation of the working class under capitalism act as the useful idiots of the bosses.

The IWA is based on internationalism and the solidarity of the working class. We do not accept the ideas that divide us based on concepts such as nation. Likewise, we recognize that there is no such thing as a better capitalism based on national concepts, such as national statehood.

There are no nationalist solutions to our problems. The real way forward is to realize our common struggle and to break our chains together!

Down with capitalism and the state!
Workers have no nations!

IWA Secretariat
April 30, 2018


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