Greetings to lll PPAS-IWA Congress !

Greetings to lll PPAS-IWA Congress !

Bangladesh Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation-BASF, conveys its warmest revolutionary greetings to the secretary and entire membership of the PPAS-IWA on the occation of your congress! We greet you on behalf of Bangladesh anarcho-syndicalist women’s Federation and Libertarian student federation and other revolutionary forces in our country.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to you for persevering in using Anarcho -Syndicalism as your guiding ideology in leading the revolutionary struggles of the Indonesian Working classes and people.
Your posting in FB Groups & other Media for your Congress raises high the banner of your revolutionary Sacrifices. Indeed, the sacrifice and total commitment and service of our revolutionary programs have laid the foundation of the growth, consolidation and expansion of our respective revolutions.

We are comrades-in-struggle. Like you, we are guided by the proletarian revolutionary theory of Anarcho-Syndicalism. We are likewise fighting against imperialism and local reactionaries, the big landlords and comprador bourgeoisie for the national and social liberation of the people of Bangladesh.

Our unity is solid because it is based on principles, on common strategies, on common goals. On the principles of the class struggle and of the class unity. We are guided by the same humanitarian theory and the Anarcho-Syndicalist theory. We are united by the common concern for the improvement of the workers’ life today. We are united by our common position and goal for socialism. This is unity based on principles. Unity based on values.

We congratulate you for your struggle and mass actions of the teachers, students and other working people for just wages and other civil and political rights. We are one with you in opposing the government policy of surrendering the national sovereignty to imperialists and allowing the destruction of the environment and pollution of the soil, thus devastating the people’s livelihood and causing their mass displacement. Like you, we are fighting against destructive foreign mining, especially open-pit mining, which pollutes the waters and the soil and destroys the livelihood, the health and production of the peasants, workers and indigenous people.
As you well know, Bangladesh is one of the biggest victim of Global warming often attacked by natural disasters e.g cyclone, typhoon & super typhoon.. in every year Thousands of people lost their lives, millions are homeless, many thousands missing. We condemn the world’s capitalist polluters for causing global warming. We condemn the government for allowing foreign mining, logging and agricultural corporations to destroy our environment. This regime has plundered public funds. It did not carry out any pre-disaster preparations. After the disaster, it neglected providing food, water, medicines and other relief to the people. .

As in Bangladesh, people are rising up in great numbers to condemn the ongoing regime and imperialism. We continue to wage the struggle for the people and the revolutionary programs.


Bangladesh Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation –BASF



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