Solidarity with Garment Workers in Struggle in Bangladesh!

The capitalist system exploits labor in order to make profit. One of the centers of global exploitation is in Bangladesh, a country which produces clothes for many global brands. (It is the world’s second largest exporter of apparel, after China.)

Workers suffer poor health and safety conditions and are forced to work for miserable wages. Currently, the minimum wage is the equivalent of about 63 USD per month, with long working hours. Various unions in the industry are demanding a raise of this minimum to around 190 USD. A meeting last week did not bring the expected results, with the garment industry leaders claiming that this would be “impossible”. They should propose another minimum on Monday, July 16.

Over the last few weeks, garment workers have been protesting for increased wages. The National Garment Workers’ Federation, together with others, was one of the unions on the street.

On the same day as this protest, cheated garment workers also went out to demand their wages. Workers from the Gold Star Design company had had problems getting paid a few months earlier, but forced the bosses to pay up. Later they shut down the factory, leaving the workers stranded. The workers won’t rest. On Tuesday, July 10, they blocked a main road for almost an hour before being dispersed by the police.

From the IWA Secretariat, we send our expression of solidarity with this struggle. We condemn the bosses who get rich off the labour of others and inform workers around the world of the goals of anarchosyndicalism, where bosses would not exist and industry can be socialized, collectivized and run by workers and the community themselves. Enough of begging the bosses for crumbs! We want the whole bakery!

One step at a time, towards the social revolution!
Down with exploitation! Organize and resist!

IWA General Secretary
July 14, 2018


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