ZSP Fighting Back: International Week of Action against Unpaid Wages

Download the brochure by ZSP about its struggles against unpaid wages! https://iwa-ait.org/content/zsp-fighting-back-international-week-actions...

A week of action against unpaid wages will be held from October 12-18. 2020. The actions, which are organized by the International Workers' Association, will focus attention on this problem that workers around the globe face all too often.

The unions of the IWA have often been able to take successful action against various forms of wage theft. One of them is the ZSP. Hundreds of workers have been able to recover wages and other money they were entitled to through action with this union. On the occasion of the International Week of Action, we present the history of a few such cases which show different types of theft such as unpaid wages, underpaid wages, lack of overtime payments, lack of sick pay, vacation time or social security payments (to name the most common).

In presenting these actions, we have chosen ones that represent different types of problems and show some of the ways that the bosses cheat workers. Some of these cases lasted a long time and are well-known such as the campaigns in supermarkets such as Dino, PoloMarket or Marcpol. Others were resolved more quickly or happened a while ago and are not always known to a new generation of activists such as the wildcat strike in PKS Grodzisk Mazowiecki, the problems of subcontracted workers at JW Construction or the campaign at GreenWay restaurants.

During the week of action, we hope to focus attention on the various types of problems that workers often encounter and encourage them to join us and take action!



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