Anarchists and anarcho-syndicalists of Russia send comradely greetings to the working people of Italy!


“(...) we are neither for the government of the majority, nor for the government of the minority; neither for democracy nor for dictatorship. We are for the abolition of the police system" (Errico Malatesta, 1926)

In a situation when Italy faced the de facto establishment of a sanitary-biofascist dictatorship and segregation through the so-called "green passports", dockworkers in the city of Trieste in the north of the country were the first to openly challenge the government of Mario Draghi. On October 15, in response to government action, dock workers in Trieste blocked the city's port and said they would not surrender until green passports were abolished across the country. They did not agree to a proposal from the authorities to abolish passports only for them. In doing so, they showed solidarity with the entire working class in Italy, betrayed by the systemic left parties and trade unions.

We, anarcho-syndicalists and anarchists in Russia, call on the working people of the whole world, anarchists and anarcho-syndicalists, everyone who is not indifferent to their future and the future of their children, to support the dockworkers in Italy in word and deed, because they are the vanguard in the fight against the dictatorship.

The dock workers of Trieste today are the first line of struggle for workers around the world. Long live the workers of Trieste and their struggle for freedom!

Information Commission of KRAS - the Russian regional section of the International Workers' Association

Anarchist initiative in Russia "Stop Total Control!"



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