Action at the offices of IBERIA - Mexico for a CNT conflict

Mexican comrades close to anarchosyndicalism show their solidarity with the comrades from CNT Spain related to their conflict with Iberia. This multinational has subsidiaries and offices throughout the world, so we thought it appropriate to have an informational picket to act against the sanction imposed upon the worker, Daniel Valdivieso, by the management of Iberia at Madrid-Barajas, as a result of an accident at his workplace. In this way we practise internationalism and show a common practice in carrying out direct action in the field of business, which in Mexico is uncommon. This action responds to a concrete proposal to come out of the First Anarchist Congress: to form a trade union in line with the IWA-AIT perspective.

For these reasons, we turned out at the offices in Mexico City, in the financial heart of the Polanco zone, and for a long time we disturbed the company, distributed a statement signed by the CNT and the Anarchist Congress, the anarcho-syndicalist group, and we informed the workers at the two offices where they we found people working. During the course of action, other comrades were involved in sending faxes and making phone calls demanding, in the same way, the annulment of the penalty. We did not cease in our efforts until the director received us and we explained the issue which brought us there: the demand, total and immediate, regarding the penalty. An accident, resulting from the failure of the management to solve the structural problems of the company must not, in any way be cause for a fine.

The international secretary of the CNT has seen some potential here for training to work informally with the aim of learning how to work and definitely moving towards the international anarcho-syndicalism of the IWA-AIT.

Carlos Martín
International Secretary CNT


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