Against the Illegal Assignment of Workers in Indra

Indra is a huge technology and consulting firm based in Spain. It has billions in yearly revenue and offices all over the world. It also is a company that illegally assigns workers in Spain, using dodgy intermediaries to avoid direct employment. Our comrades at the CNT have organized Indra workers in several places.

In 2013, two of our comrades from Madrid lost their jobs as a reprisal for reporting the illegal assignment of workers. Now two of the directors of Indra are being charged with perjury in their cases. At the same time, there are headline stories of how Indra bought off judges and prosecutors in Madrid.

With these latest scandals, we call for solidarity with the precariously employed, illegally assigned workers of Indra and with those who were repressed by this firm and then were screwed over by a corrupt system of judicial injustice.

We support the call of the CNT for actions at Indra offices.

The Metal, Mining and Chemical Workers' Union from Madrid writes:

In October 2013 Javier and Lorenzo, both members of Metal, Mining and Chemical Union of Madrid, were removed from their jobs in Indra Torrejón as a reprisal for reporting his situation of illegal assignments of workers, as many others in this and other workplaces of Indra. Now, two years later, two directors of Indra have been charged for the crime of perjury at the trial of these workers. Based on the evidence it is estimated that they could have lied in statements made under oath, statements were the main reason for the rejection of the worker's claims in the first instance.

This behavior against the law by Indra is illustrative of how far they disrespect worker's rights. But if that was not enough, past days front pages of major Spanish newspapers reported that Indra, in connivance with Madrid political power, are paying bonuses to several judges and prosecutors in Madrid. Just one more of many scandals of a rotten political system ... How credible are the veredicts of these judges, in all areas, when one of the parties is a company that is paying them?

The impunitiy of the power facts makes us wonder how can people still believe in "separation of powers" and other nonsense to maintain us anesthetized, incapable of being aware of our ability to think and to act.

Comrades, we can not trust the bourgeois justice, handled at will by the patron, ONLY DIRECT ACTION IS CONSISTENT WITH THE PURPOSES AND IS USEFUL AS A MEANS

IWA Secretariat



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