To All Anarchosyndicalist Sisters

On this March 8, we salute all the women of the anarchosyndicalist movement.

Ours is a movement which aims to develop an egalitarian and libertarian society. Sexism is one of the forms of discrimination and hierarchy that needs to be eradicated and there is no better place to start than where we may encounter it. In many social movements we can experience de-facto leadership patterns which favor males and in many ways discourage women from being equally valued in organizations. We need not only to question the need for de-facto leaders but also to change our notions of what is valuable when when we see such dynamics.

Let us never fail to treat such issues seriously and let's neutralize anyone who tries to enable forms of male domination.

Our liberation is not just a matter of class struggle but of a complete social transformation where we treat each other as equals and all forms of privelege and overthrown. And for us, this state of respect and egalitarian behaviour must happen in the here and now.

Against all forms of hierarchy – not just the state and capitalism.

lWA Secretariat


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