The Belgrade Six have been acquitted of the charges!

On 16th June, at the courtroom no. 3 of the Belgrade "Justice Palace", the Belgrade Six have been acquitted of the charges. Judge Gerasimovic said that the court's decision is not politically motivated but is based on the fact that there are no evidence to support the charges brought against our comrades.

After more than nine gruelling months our comrades are almost (there is an 8 days deadline for the prosecutor to appeal) free from the claws of the judiciary system! We extend our thanks to evertbody who has taken part in solidarity struggles leading to this victory!

Let us remind once more that, in connection to this case, there are still two cases being led: one against our comrade Davor Bilic, who had his passport confiscated by Serbian authorities on 17th February this year and who, since then, is unable to return to his home in Croatia, and another against our three comrades from Vrsac. Both comrade Davor and comrades from Vrsac are charged with "obstruction of justice", a felony -- Davor because he held up a sign "Anarchists are not terrorists" in front of the courtroom during the hearing in the BG6 case on 17th February, and Vrsac comrades because they posted placards with the same slogan in the town of Vrsac.

With anarcho-syndicalist greetings,

Secretariat of the Union Confederation "Anarcho-syndicalist Initiative"
Section of the International Workers Association

UC ASI International Secretariat



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