A brief overview of Mobilizations and Solidarity Actions!

The 9th of April was an International Day of struggle against the Temporary Work Agency Start people. It was an initiative from the CNT-AIT Zaragoza and the IWA is ready if more solidarity is needed!

The newest solidarity initiative came four days ago from SOV CNT-AIT Alicante, and the IWA sections and Friends participate in an urgent action against harassments and dismissals at Editoral Oceano which is a firm with branches in many countries!.

The solidarity actions of the Belgrade 6, FAU-B, the Lisbon 11 and the Ukrainian union "Pryama diya" are going on all the time! There are some important dates and they are:

- The April 20th, April 29th and May 19th are dates of the trials against the Lisbon 11.

- The April 20th, 21st, and 22nd are days of actions in solidarity with the Ukrainian union "Pryama diya.

- The April 23rd is the date of the trial against the Belgrade 6 where the ASI appeals to the Sections and Friends to show up!

- The IWA coordinated actions against the temporary work are going on the last 14 days of April and including the First of May!

- The IWA participates in the Workers Memorial Day the April 28th.

Both the coordinated actions against temporary work and the participation in the Workers Memorial Day the April 28th are according to decisions of IWA`s 24th Congress in Brazil.

Oslo, April 16th 2010
Anarchosyndicalist greetings


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