Clarification Regarding the Libertarian Federation of Mexico

In the last weeks, some texts were published by unions in Spain concerning the Libertarian Federation of Mexico, their claims of being supported the „the CNT, the IWA, the FAI and IFA” and their denounciations of the Anarchist Federation of Mexico.

The IWA has never been in contact with the Libertarian Federation of Mexico.

Perhaps a source of confusion could have been the unauthorized publication of a letter of support from the so-called CNT Catalunya. This „CNT-Catalunya” uses the initials „CNT-AIT” on its letterhead and stamp, but is not a part of the IWA since it is not part of its member section. The CNT-Catalunya later clarified that this publication was not official.

At the same time, it is worth pointing out that the organization in question has not formed part of the CNT-AIT for 20 years, since 1995. Therefore its use of the initials AIT on its letterhead and stamp is misleading. We ask this organization to stop its incorrect use of the initials of our federation.

IWA General Secretary


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