CNT-AIT Spain against Unpaid Wages

CNT-AIT Albacete - Labour conflict due to wrongful dismissal and claim of unpaid wages against Asishogar.

In June 2020, the CNT-AIT Albacete union began to take action against the company Asishogar, which manages home-care workers. A comrade of the union was working from July 2019 to January 2020, with a category of Home Help Assistant. On 27 December 2019, she fell ill and was fired at the end of January through a contract termination.

The company is required to:
1) Recognition of the termination of the employment relationship as an unfair dismissal, and not as end of the contract.
2) Payment of compensation for unfair dismissal for the months worked on the basis that the contract is in breach of law and, at least, a compensation of 33 days per year worked would be applied.
3) Claim of unpaid wages based on: not taken holidays (15 days), not taken rest days, night shift differential, wage differences due to the application of 2018 Wage Tables for work carried out in 2019, time spent going from one service to another, Social Security contribution for the week the worker was working without being registered.
4) Resolution and regularisation of the working conditions which have been systematically violated by the company.
The conflict is not yet resolved and the actions continue.

CNT-AIT Cartagena - Labour conflict aganist the pub El Purgatorio

The employer of the pub El Purgatorio de Cartagena falsely accused a colleague of stealing. The only intention of the owner was to fire her without paying her, nor the severance pay, nor the last paychecks.

The union of artagena CNT-AIT launched a direct action campaign to put pressure on the employer to rectify its attitude and resolve the issue without going to trial, which the company refused to do. In the trial, held in June 2020, all the worker's demands were recognised and the employer had no choice but to pay what was demanded of it, including the payment of interest.

CNT-AIT Albacete – Labour conflict aganist La Tagliatella restaurant

During the last quarter of 2018, the union began a trade union dispute against the restaurant La Tagliatella in Albacete. The catering business is a sector where the working class is systematically abused and exploited.

In this case, the conflict began when a comrade noticed at the end of his contract that the settlement did not include payment for not taken holidays, compensation for termination of the contract, or the night shift differential. The comrade also realised that the staff were not being allowed to enjoy their holidays either, and that their holidays were not being paid at the end of the contract either. All this is part of a worker's wage, but the employer did not consider it so, so there was no choice but to initiate a labour conflict.

The Tagliatella is a restaurant brand and pickets are coordinated in many cities where the company has restaurants: Barcelona, Alicante, Tarragona, Madrid, Granada… After a few months of struggle, the company contacted the colleague and paid him everything he owed.



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