CNT Considers Visteon's Proposal to be a Bad Joke

The union does not understand how a company that generates profits threatens workers with a redundancy plan if they do not accept the closure of the plant.

The CNT section in Visteon-Cadiz Electronics has a very negative assessment of the proposed plans that the company gave the workers on July 14. This proposal provides, among other things, compensation of 30 days for each year worked and a series of offensive measures for the 450 workers who have spent part of their lives in that plant.

We must speak out. What is happening at the negotiating table is a pantomime. A company with the profit margin of Cadiz Electronics will never get permission to implement a redundancy plan, as they threaten to do at the end of the document, if you do not give in to their proposals.

Negotiating compensation for below 45 days is just ridiculous, however the CNT rejects any compromise that involves destroying jobs. The only positive thing in the proposal is that it has opened the way to talk about relocation to other Visteon plants in Spain and abroad, and the ability to transfer company assets to other companies to keep jobs. However, the right conditions with which to take such measures are far from those offered by the multinational.

The document shows that Visteon is in a hurry to dismantle the factory. We workers, however, are aware that this will go on for a while and we still have several months of mobilization.

CNT Union Section in Visteon



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