Concerning the terror bomb attack in Oslo and massacre in Utøya on Friday 22nd of July

What has been of political violence in Norway has always come from the far right. While the police has concentrated towards "radical Islamists", far right violence has happened again, this time to a very large, cruel and bloody extent! The NSF-IWA has expressed its condolences to the victims of this bloody terrorism and would like to state the following.


As an introduction we will say that it is a dangerous climate during today`s capitalism that affects many countries and also Norway:

-Capitalism is in a severe crisis. Governments conduct austerity programs and become security states. The unemployment is rising. Immigrants are scapegoats of problems and asylum seekers are deported. In Norway the pensions in private sector are cut with the support of the trade union LO, and other cuts are prepared.

The Red-Green Government deported 4615 asylum seekers in 2010 and so far 2000 asylum seekers have been deported this year.

-The global capitalism exploits and conducts wars. The main threat after September 11th is radical Islam /terrorist groups. Norway takes part in the Afghanistan and Libya wars which are called humanitarian operations etc.

-Organizations like the Employers Association who says that the waves of immigrants, pensioners and people on social- benefits are threatening the welfare model. Immigration/immigrants with low education from none-western countries are not sustainable. Norway should instead import high skilled workers. The Government has requested public reports concerning these issues.

-Parties who push for a reactionary policy. In Norway, the Progress Party became the second largest party with 41 representatives in the 2009 national elections. Immigrants of “Muslim origins” are stigmatized. Behring Breivik was at a time a member of this Party.

-The far- right. The Nazis and Fascists/far- right are in Norway small groups, at least for mobilizations in the street. But the internet sites of the new far right have a big audience and support of ideas!

Present Fascism

The terrorist and free mason Anders Behring Breivik is from the West side and upper classes part of Oslo and just before the terrible actions he published his manifesto. He describes the Christian crusaders through history to present time and the preparations he made, which were according to him finished some hours before the terrible attacks July 22nd.

The killer`s opinions are part of a wider political and cultural shift as anti-Islamic and xenophobic web-sites, groups and organizations more and more take root across Europe. They say they are attacking Islam of so-called cultural reasons and that they are anti-racists, anti-fascists, anti-totalitarian etc. But let it be clear- this is only a way to build tactical fronts to get a bigger audience. The views of Behring Breivik have clearly the characteristics of Fascism:

- Nationalism and/ or European identity, super-patriotism with a historic mission.

- Jews are replaced by Muslims as the enemy which must be fought and expunged from Europe. Islam is viewed as an existential threat to the world and leaders and governments are collaborators in allowing Islam to "infiltrate" the West.

-Conspiracy theories. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion were made in 1903 in Russia. Even though they were proved to be false before the Nazis introduced them to German schools in 1933, they were used as an “evidence” that the Jews were preparing to take over the world.

Now it is the conspiracy of Eurabia. It is referred to a supposed protocol from the 70 ties where Arab countries and European states are supposed to have an agreement where the Europeans should allow the “Muslims” to “invade” Europe.

-The Nazis/Fascists use of terms Jewish- Bolsheviks is now substituted by Islamic- Cultural Marxists.

- Populism and Elitism. The masses shall be mobilized, but the masses are only a tool for their own Elitist thoughts and plans of ruling Dictatorships.

- The fascist glorification of violence, and the military terms are used: The Muslims are occupying Europe, demography is their weapon, it is made a secret plan with the Cultural Marxist traitors etc.

- This includes also glorification of so-called military orders. Behring Breivik writes he met others from all over Europe, and also a “Serbian crusader” and “war hero” who had killed many Muslims in battle. Due to EU he should be persecuted for alleged crimes against Muslims.

It should be no doubt that it goes a violent line through history and Behring Breivik is clearly in this tradition. The terrorist bomb that killed 8 people in Oslo and the massacre in Utøya that murdered 69, mostly young people between 14-22 years old, are considered by the government and press as the biggest attack since the World War II when the Nazis occupied Norway.

The song called “To the Youth” by Nordahl Grieg is sung all over Norway these days. Unfortunately there is little information in the media about the origins of this song which was made in order to fight the fascists in 1936. The fascist uprising 75 years ago in Spain was in many places fought back by workers who also seized industries and land.

Modern Fascism must be fought by never forgetting the lessons of the Spanish workers. The working class must fight both against Fascism and for its working conditions and rights! And ultimately, to get rid of Fascism once and for all means getting rid of the system that time after time lets it (re)emerge – Capitalism.

Oslo, 2nd August 2011

NSF-IWA Arbeidsutvalget



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