International Anarcho-syndicalist Days of Struggle against borders and in solidarity with immigrant workers

The 24th IWA Congress decided (after a proposal of AIT Portugal) that the Sections of the IWA mobilize to carry out during the two weeks before May First of 2011, an international anarcho-syndicalist campaign against international borders and in solidarity with immigrant workers.

We quote from the decision: "The problems of borders and xenophobia are weapons that State, Capital and politicians of several trends use in order to divide workers, hiding the real reason behind the worsening of their condition. It is the duty of an international organization of revolutionary internationalist workers, like the IWA, to promote solidarity among all the workers, "national" or not.

Particularly in "fortress Europe", where most sections of the IWA are located, the problems of xenophobia, racism, closure of borders to foreign workers - while they are open to Capital -, deportations, the creation of a class of illegal and second class workers, and the imprisonment of immigrants and refugees in detention centres are very much present.

And with the current capitalist crisis that we are living it is to be expected that immigrants continue to be treated as scapegoats for the problems created by capitalism.That is why we must continue to affirm who are the workers’real enemies,those who exploit all of us, immigrants or not.

We propose that, in these days of struggle, the Sections of the IWA carry out meetings, discussions, protest actions in front of foreign and border services and immigrants detention centres, and other initiatives,making this struggle a strong issue in the May First demonstrations."


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