IWA-Action Days on March 29, 30 and 31

The International Workers Association (IWA) organizes Action Days on March 29, 30 and 31. The Actions are international and against Capitalist Austerity Measures, Exploitation, and Oppression with focus on global, regional and local issues/ work conflicts etc.

The IWA -Actions coincide with the March 29 General Strike in Spain. The Spanish CNT-AIT has made a call for General Strike and Sections and the IWA- Secretariat will show solidarity with our Spanish sister organization.

We are receiving information about participation in the IWA Actions Days, and so far from: ZSP (Poland), SF (Great Britain), CNTF unions (France), KRAS (Russia), AIT- Portugal and NSF (Norway). The IWA- Action Days also coincide with the European Day of Action against Capitalism on March 31 (M31), partially organized by FAU (Germany), USI-AIT (Italy) and CNTE (Spain).

The International Workers Association (IWA) is convinced that workers must fight against the Capitalist Austerity Measures, Exploitation, and Oppression by Direct Actions and International Solidarity. The IWA Sections are run by the workers themselves and without paid “functionaries”, they do not class collaborate and won`t receive financial subsidies from the capitalists and the state.

Workers will never be truly free from exploitation and oppression until the workers of the world organizes and fights with the goal of substituting the present capitalism with a system run by themselves that can provide real social and economical freedom for the workers!

Long live the IWA and anarchosyndicalism!

Oslo, March 12- 2012

IWA - Secretariat


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