IWA External Bulletin no 2

This second issue of the External Bulletin contains articles from the last months, and they are again made by compilation of the IS of ZSP-IWA. The crisis escalates and spreads to more countries and the “solution” of the states and capitalists is to dictate the workers to accept what they call “the logic of the market”. Austerity measures and attacks are presented as financial necessities and “laws”.

The bureaucratic, reformist unions, which are dependent on legislative aid and subsidies from the ones who are pursuing the attacks, must either surrender or fight. If they mobilize at all, they are doomed to fail, since they are not built to counter attacks on broad fronts and to rely on their own strength. In this way the reformist unions have become service-institutions and burdens on the back of the workers, not free tools for self-activity and emancipation.

The only true “job-security” we can rely on as workers comes from ourselves, and the solidarity and actions we are able to make, and also this bulletin contains articles of mobilizations, actions and campaigns.

We would especially like to mention the very successful campaign made by our comrades in the Solidarity Federation against Workfare. This campaign has even according to the IS of SF-IWA brought the Employment Minister to state:

"It is a disgrace that anyone should seek to target a company that is trying to help young unemployed people in this way. The people involved in these protests have absolutely no idea of the damage they're doing to the job prospects of the next generation. I'm determined to stand up firmly against these protesters; what they're doing is totally unacceptable."

Justifying austerity measures and attacks by reasons of “the logic of the market” is nothing new and is as old as capitalism.. It was also said at the time of the (re) foundation of the IWA, 90 years ago etc. We enclose an article from the paper “Solidaritet” in 1959, and either in 1922 or today:

The only path to emancipation for us as workers is to take control of our own struggle: A struggle that is directed against and outside the class collaborationist structures, and that through direct action and solidarity confronts and defeats the attacks and the evil that is capitalism!



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