KSPSI Thugs Attack May Day Marchers

We are angered to report that members of the Konfederasi Serikat Pekerja Seluruh Indonesia (KSPSI) engaged in an unprovoked attack of PPAS Jakarta members during a May Day march. In similar style to fascist groups that attack libertarians and take trophies, they stole PPAS flags and their banner.

KSPSI is the only union that was legal under the Soeharto regime and is perhaps used to being a regime monopoliist union with protection from the state. However, they should be ashamed that their members beat other workers during the workers' day of struggle.

Workers of the world, the only good unions are the ones controlled by workers themselves and which are not in bed with the bosses or the regime!

Solidarity to the comrades of PPAS against all the thugs who try to intimidate them!

IWA Secretariat


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