[Madrid] The CNT Union Section of EULEN - Metro, reports

Since July 16, the 100 workers from EULEN cleaning the Madrid Metro trains are on indefinite strike to defend their jobs and their rights. After 15 days, the strike value as a positive impulse, which 100% of the workforce has been supported.

On July 23 there was a workers' assembly that examined the first week of the strike, its pros and cons. At this meeting it was concluded to go ahead, with all the consequences. There was a proposal about what to do in case of layoffs, deciding unanimously not to give up the fight under any circumstances if these occur.

During these 15 days, both the company and Metro have used various illegal and dirty strategies to weaken the workers and to undermine their legitimate right to conduct a strike. From day one they have infringed the decrees of the Community of Madrid in terms of minimum service terms, ordering cleanups that do not have to do, threatening the workers with drastic measures if they didn't what they're told ( like giving them double shifts or refusing to give them any days off) and evening asking for the IDs of the comrades, as if they were policemen during a raid.

Metro also noted that simple stains or accumulation of debris such as paper or sunflower seed shells had to be cleaned for health and safety reasons and sent cars to employees of the stations and diverted trains on the affected lines so that cleaning could be done.

These and other tricks that they can think of, are not sufficient to make anybody abandon the struggle, because the staff is aware of the situation and is not willing to give in to the greedy and pretentious whims of the company. Metro intended to begin, or rather continue, historic cuts in the cleaning staff of the Madrid Metro. In May they started with employees on the track and warehouses, reducing the workday by 43% and leaving more than 20 people unemployed by various tricks. Now a cut of 45% with the train cleaners ..... that's next? How many families will be left without support? How many are going to ruin even though still working, but with precarious employment?

The terms and excuses will vary, but all companies and all workplaces will be affected, ALL without a doubt. It is a small battle won in their favor that of about 300 cleaners in the three facilities affected by the cuts so far, only 100 (those from EULEN) have stood up to fight and have shown the clients. It is an example for the other more than 1000 colleagues in the Metro cleaning to imitate us. It would be much easier to make a hard and long war with Metro and its mercenaries, the companies contracted.




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