May 29 to June 15: Support to the mobilizations of Spanish CNT- AIT!

It was a General Strike on March 29 in Spain, and further mobilizations are initiated from May 29th to June 15th.

The CNT-AIT has through the International Secretary made a new call of support to the mobilizations. There will during these days be rallies, demonstrations, workshops, consumer strikes, days of action and all kinds of action. The purpose is to be heading toward another General Strike and the target is to revert back all the brutal cuts suffered, revert back the Labor Reform and get back all the rights.

The right- wing government is embarking austerity cuts which will further drive down the conditions of life of Spanish workers and it aims to crush or/and weaken the ability of workers to organize and fight. Austerity measures are also made by regional governments as those in Andalusia, Asturias and Catalonia that recently imposed a new round of cuts.

But what governments and employers want is not necessarily what they get. While austerity measures create more exploitation and repression of workers, they also make the conditions for workers direct actions and solidarity. The only path to emancipation for us as workers is to take control of our own struggle: A struggle that is directed against and outside the class collaborationist structures, and that through Direct Action confronts and defeats the attacks and the evil that is Capitalism.

The Secretariat of the International Workers Association (IWA) sends hereby its support to the mobilizations of Spanish CNT-AIT and the further Direct Actions that are so strongly needed!

Long live the CNT-AIT and anarchosyndicalism!
Long live the AIT!

Oslo, May 28 2012



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