May Day 2019

On this May Day 2019, the International Workers Association sends greetings to all workers in struggle. The fight against exploitation and for the dignity of the working class remains a strong aspiration of workers around the world. From the IWA we would also like to remind the world of our goals of regaining control over our lives, of wrestling the work places out of the control of those with wealth and power. In order to create the egalitarian society to which we aspire, all things must be run by the workers and society directly, always with the goal of striving for the real well-being of all those who really make the world run and liberation from the miseries of Capitalism and the State.

Our struggle must be global because none of us are truly free as long as the harsh inequalitites typical of capitalism exist, where workers slave away in many parts of the globe, to enrich others and provide for millions who enjoy the products of their greatly devalued labor. The IWA sends its warmest greetings and support for those around the globe who have joined our struggle and we hope that the revolutionary spirit will grow in new places in the years to come.

IWA Secretariat
May 1, 2019


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