The Multinational Alstom plans to Fire 373 Employees and Close 3 Plants in Spain

Call for International Solidarity.

Alstom is a French company and world leader in the infrastructure of energy generation and transmission and railway transport. The company is divided into five sectors: turbo generator systems, environment,services, transport and shipbuilding. It is present in about 100 countries in the world and has been involved in the generation and transmission of energy and railway transport in all of Spain since 1989.

In 2007 Alstom acquired the Spanish company Ecotecnia Energías Renovables S.L. with its technological patent and production plants and created Alstom Wind.

Alstom Wind in España is formed by the blobal technological center I+D in Barcelona, the turbine plant in Buñuel (Navarra), the tower construction plant in Coreses (Zamora), two electric component plants in As Somozas (A Corunha) and the maintenance of wind farms.

On March 26, 2013 Alstom presented a reconstruction plan that would effect 373 employees in all the centers of production in Alstom Wind España and would close three plants: the 2 factories in As Somozas and the ones in Coreses.

Around the workd, this company has many contracts (Brazil, Canada, Turkey, Finland, Argentina, etc...) and it reports many millions of profits even in this time of economic crisis. While it is constructing new wind generator plants, it is closing others. They want the workers to accept being goods that are used and then thrown out.

We believe that soldiarity between the workers in the best weapon that we have against these predatory multinationals that abuse and neglect the workers for the purpose of economic profit.

You have to remember that this company receives contracts from the public administrations that are paid for with our taxes. They receive profits, revenues and financial and social privileges to run their businesses, but when the winds of the market change, they close up and go, leaving unemployment, deindustrialization, emigration and poverty. Alstom boasts about being a multinational involved in the social, economic and environmental aspirations of the communities where it works, but is thinking of leaving one of the most unfavourable provinces of Europe and the most deindustrialized in Spain (Zamora), from which youth flee due to lack of opportunities and which survives thanks to agriculture and livestock, which is in decline, at the edge of the abyss.

Transnationals like Alstom abound with the will and consent of states and the markets. For this reason we have to act and respond in any place in the world where they are doing business and to make it seen that both the workers of Alstom as well as the society in general do not accept this new humiliation.

We are making an international call for solidarity to denounce this endemic problem provoked by the capitalist system that permits savage social inequalities in the world and which enslaves millions of people in order to earn their salaries in order that the economic, political, banking, warmongering classes continue to live with all their profits.

It is the time to organize and construct a society for people and not for markets and their beneficiaries.

We ask for your support and solidarity to show that you are against the closures and dismissals that Alstom plans. In any place in the world where Alstom is it should meet the response of the organized workers. Solidarity and international struggle against the global attack of capitalism.

CNT-AIT Zamora



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