The new Labor Reform, another aggression against working class rights

Yesterday the Labor Reform decree-law signed by the Council of Ministers was published. This bill will still need to pass through parliament and will most probably be modified. As is it's a botched job so there's no question that after the required formalities it will come out revised and bearing substantial changes. That said, the fundamental lines have already been laid down and we can say that it is the fiercest attack on the working class' rights since the founding of democracy in Spain [1978].

In general lines the following aspects stand out:

- Laying off employees is cheaper for the company and will be subsidized, any type of contract is given a green light and the case of massive layoffs can be pleaded just for signs of bad management (so companies won't have to explain their supposed poor situation) or structural changes. Notably, if company is found to have acted badly, the massive layout won't be found void: it will be declared unfair. Not only is the way opened for companies to act backhandedly but, what’s more, they're congratulated for it.

- Collective bargaining practically disappears from the scene since the possibility of ignoring the negotiated convention for just about any reason has been extended. The official unions are given even more room to act because in those companies where there isn't any "united representation" any conflict will be managed by CCOO and UGT directly.

- Temporary employment agencies become institutions in open collaboration with the Spanish National Employment Institute without specifying what the scope of this collaboration will be. Their exclusion from collectively negotiated bargains is tacitly prohibited. They will enter into sectors where they were previously bared like construction. They will work for profit.

- Other important items are also touched on like the reform of the LISOS (Ley de infracciones y sanciones en el orden social or Act on Infractions and Sanctions in the Social Order), the Social Security regime, etc.

Faced with such an incredible attack on our rights, CNT, bound by its commitment to the working class, has to go right to the heart of the matter by direct confrontation with the economic powers of this state. These powers have demonstrated their inefficiency and tightfistedness for the majority of the population while extending gross profits to a small minority with the excuse of the crisis.

To respond to the aggression that has just begun, CNT should organize an ongoing response, independently if need be of participating in possible strikes called by other organizations, leading the continuity of the struggle and promoting a dynamic and effective internal structure.

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