Press Release - CNT calls for general strike on September 29

The new labor reform that the PSOE is trying to introduce is the biggest aggression against workers rights that has been proposed in the post -Franco years of democracy.

The strike day should serve as a trigger to further and wider protests.

A labor reform that pretends to justify itself by the crisis but that, in fact, is oriented just to give more facilities for the companies to offer irregular contracts, to ignore collective agreements and to sack workers more cheaply. A reform that will bring more temporary work and deregulation in labor contracts, substantial reduction in compensations for unfair dismissal, enormous facilities for the companies to ignore collective agreements in points such as salary, work day or timetable. More casualization, and uncertainty. Lower wages and fewer rights. So PSOE governs.

But despite all that, this reform is just the tip of the iceberg. Reality is below. There are the dreadful working conditions in most companies, the continued breach of collective agreements, being paid less than the stipulated wage, working without insurance, half-day contract and working all day long; there is the obligation to work extra hours if you do not want to be sacked, you cannot enjoy your legal vacations but have do any work they may ask you even if it is not your duty. You must accept all this if you do not want to be fired. Part of the reality is also the contempt with which leaders, politicians and media address to us presenting us as lazy, unproductive and useless. We, the workers, live with the knowledge that we are interchangeable, that we are nothing but trash and will only be able to get a job if we do it cheaper than the one before. We live with the fear of not knowing if tomorrow we can keep paying or just eating.

And what are we going to do? Sit and wait to see how they take it all? Think that maybe one day we get a decent employment? Fight among us in order to catch the last subsides?

Those who choose this option, go forward!, their compensation will be misery. But the CNT proposes another way of acting- it is to fight for our rights and dignity. With no subsidies, no paid worker representatives, no political mortgages. Thus, although we cannot guarantee that we are going to bring down this reform, we can guarantee that we will leave the skin on it. We call to all those who want to make part in this struggle to come to our unions and organize in the CNT.

And also for this reason we call for General Strike on September 29. To make this strike day to serve as a trigger of the protests ahead if we want to stop the Labor Reform. And recover our dignity.



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