Protests for the Reinstatement of our Comrade and Direct Contracts

On October 10, the suit against Roche Poland for the reinstatement of our comrade and the payment of lost benefits was to begin. The company had been denying the employment status of IT workers, who had to form their own companies or be fired through third persons who acted as unregulated intermediaries. This is a common practice used to avoid paying workers benefits like paid vacation, sick leave or paying their social security.

Later, IT workers in Madrid and Poland saw their jobs outsourced to outside firms.

Unfortunately the case was postponed. We took the opportunity to remind people of the situation, organizing pickets at the court, the headquarters of Roche in Warsaw and the Poznan office. We had good interaction with the workers.

Thanks to the comrades from the IWA who organized pickets or leafleting in Berlin, Boulogne-Billancourt, Bratislava and Oslo and to all who sent protests!



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