Rudolf Rocker speaks Bengali and Urdu!

Bangledesh Anarco-Syndicalist Federation, BASF, is a revolutionary organization that became a full-right member of the International Workers Association during the International Congress held in Melbourne, Australia, in December 2019.

Since the creation of the first anarco-syndicalist initiative in Bangladesh, the comrades from this country have been working on translation of the most prominent figures of the anarco-syndicalist theory.

The development of the new sections and friend organizations of the IWA in the Asia-Pacific region shows how important is the translation of anarchist and anarco-syndicalist books into new languages. Anarco-syndicalism has a prolonged history and with the contribution of numberless comrades during more than a century a rich culture and emancipation philosophy have been developing and inspiring the working class struggle against economical and moral exploitation. TThe transmission of our revolutionary culture to the working people all around the world is, probably, the most important mission of the IWA at the moment. And no cultural transmission is possible if there is any linguistic barrier. So making the cultural heritage of our pasts and present generations available to new peoples is a crucial revolutionary task.

We are happy to announce that the BASF has issued their translation into Bengali of Rudolf Rocker's "Anarco-syndicalism: Theory and practice".


There is a new iniciative in Pakistan, the Workers Solidarity Initiative WSI, that has recently publushed the translation of the same Rocker's work into urdu on their website. The WSI has recently applied to become a Friend organization of the IWA.

Congrats, comrades!


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