Solidarity with the actions and demonstrations in France!

The International Secretary of the French CNT-AIT ( has in a couple of brief reports informed the Sections and Friends of the International Workers Association (IWA) about the development in France.

It was written in the first report:

“The large union structures are being overwhelmed by the rank-and-file and are forced to be more radical. Different assemblies of struggle are appearing in various places throughout the country and the university and secondary school students are beginning to mobilize themselves strongly.

The militants of CNT-AIT-F from places like Caen, Gap, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Pau, Clermont-Ferrand, Paris and others are promoting popular assemblies and in some places they are called Popular Autonomous Assemblies”.

And a week before the big demonstrations that are planned tomorrow Thursday October 28th it was stated:

“Rejected by the state as social partner, the inter-union (grouping the big union centrals in France) is increasingly disoriented……..There are contradictions and confusion between the CFDT statements and the CGT statements and they are both oriented towards calming down the radicalization in the social movement –they call it “respecting individual property” or “guaranteeing free circulation”- thus condemning the different initiatives –multiplied by the most struggling sectors- to block streets and roads etc”.

Solidarity with the actions and demonstrations in France!
Solidarity with the French CNT-AIT!

Oslo, October 27th 2010

Anarchosyndicalist greetings
from the IWA-Secretariat


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