Solidarity against Repression at San Carlo Hospital

USI expresses its distress at the situation in San Carlo Hospital. In November, workers were fined 12,000 euros for supposedly „insulting” the administration of the hospital. This is not the first time that the administration has taken them to court for their criticisms; they have filed 5 cases in the last few years. However the workers were able to prove their allegations which justified their criticisms.

Instead of addressing the accusations of a badly-run health care system which the USI union addressed in their internal bulletin, the judge looked at the issue of calling two hospital administrators „Beagle Boys” in a leaflet. USI condemns this judgement as an exaggeration.

They also point out that at the same time this judgement was made, authorities ordered the destruction of part of the hospital due to its bad technical state and that this bad state was caused by underfinancing. In general, the union is fighting against the destruction of the health care system.

The IWA expresses its solidarity with those fighting against the dismantling of the public health care system and with our comrades in USI. We likewise condemn the repression of activists for such a reason and we call on others to show support for the union by contributing to a solidarity fund.

Donations can be sent to:

CURRENT ACCOUNT 46004 at Banca Popolare di Milano ag.5, headed to USIS
(Italian Trade Union Health)
IBAN: IT22 Y 05584 01605 000 000 046 004 stating the reason "Sentenza San Carlo"



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