Solidarity with the EULEN-ABB Strikers. Pickets at ADECCO around Poland

On February 17 the ZSP took part in the international day of action in solidarity with the striking workers of EULEN-ABB in Cordoba. A picket was held in Warsaw outside of an office of ADECCO, which is involved in the conflict as its firm EUROCEN has supplied replacements for the striking workers.

We pointed out that we critical not only of ADECCO's role in this conflict in Spain, but also its role, along with other temp agencies, in building precarious working conditions in Poland and around the world.

We spoke about the conflict in Spain, expressing our solidarity with the strikers and we handed out leaflets informing about the problem and the problems of the casualization of labour in general. Despite the snow, people stopped to take leaflets. ADECCO called the police, but they decided not to violate our civil rights this time.

The latest picket was the fifth solidarity action made in Warsaw about this conflict and the third at ADECCO. In Silesia, members of ZSP also picketed ADECCO in Katowice, Sosnowiec and Gliwice earlier this week, along with members of the Federation of Labour and the Anarchist Federation. In addition, the FL, Czarna Galicia and AF organized pickets in Krakow and Bielsko-Biala.

On this international day of action, pickets and other informational actions were also organized in places such as Oslo, Moscow, Berlin and Amsterdam. Previous international actions were held in Argentina, Chile, Norway, Slovakia, France, UK, Poland and Germany and there are continual actions being held in cities around Spain.




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