Solidarity with the Greek workers!

There is a wave of strikes, actions and demonstrations in Greece, and they are organized during dramatic circumstances not only for Greece but for the whole globe. The reasons of the misery are caused by today`s capitalism which suffers the most serious crisis since the Great Depression.

The capitalist crisis shall be solved by liberating the capitalists from obligations towards the employees, the old, the young, the ill, the unemployed, and the communities. This freedom for the capitalists means slavery for the vast majority. The profit is privatized to secure and expand the wealth of the rich, while the costs, risks and oppression are socialized!

The International Workers Association (IWA) mobilizes and fights against the capitalist exploitation in whatever country of the world as the solidarity has no borders!

Solidarity with the Greek workers!

Oslo, May 8th 2010


-We also refer to the First of May statement 2010


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