Statement on the act of racism and xenophobia in Iquique, Chile

Again we see how the State, together with those who hide behind a false patriotism, they encourage hate speech towards people migrants. We have seen that, faced with the complacency of the forces of order, and before the silence of the people who declare themselves lovers of the peace, families with children have been violated generating a terror of hordes that have mercilessly destroyed and attacked those who only seek a possibility of starting a decent life away from governments dictatorships and the economic crises they suffer in their places of origin.

This model of political terror that has emerged strongly in recent years, protected by an ultra-rightist policy, which defines itself as liberal, but in practice, a fascist and conservative ideology hides. These groups, like many like these in various countries, have raised a story that with immigration lurks a model of person who is a criminal, a trafficker and a person without morals who comes to destroy our society.

We call on workers to show solidarity as exploited and oppressed with immigrants and their families, support the processes of legalization of refugee status and organize and protect to migrants from the neo-Nazi hordes.

The discourse that migrants are lazy, criminals or traffickers, is the same that Italian, German or Croatian immigrants from the southern macro zone have raised, where they use the same argument: that the Mapuche are lazy, criminals and, now that they are even traffickers.

Nobody is illegal. Enough of the violence of the Nazi-fascist hordes disguised as liberals in their various patriotic identities. As Solidaridad Obrera - AIT, we express our rejection of the samples of xenophobia and racism expressed in the north of Chile, in the same way that these groups express themselves in Araucania with the same hatred against the native peoples.

Enough of xenophobia and racism, enough of delaying the legalization process with migrants. The government that called on the Venezuelans suffering the crisis to come to the Maduro government must seek a viable alternative on the ground. humanitarian.


Solidaridad Obrera-AIT


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