Statement and denouncement of the attacks against a member of the KRAS-IWA from the so-called MPST group

The comrade was attacked in Moscow on March 28 by a group of National-”Anarchists” from so-called MPST. The MPST is according to our sister organization the KRAS, known with their nationalist etnicist statements and writings; they proclaim the “preservation of ethnic identity”, declaim against the mixture of people and against the synthesis of cultures, and declare that the cosmopolitism is a “devil incarnated of capitalism”. Moreover, one of the leaders of this group confessed that he agreed during his interrogation in police to inform the authorities about social movements.

This is not the first time that members of MPST have attacked several political opponents inclusive anarchists physically. In January, they threatened also the libertarian LGBT activists. MPST spoke against homosexuality and was demanding that LGBT should not raise their "rainbow" flag in anarchist demonstrations. After this “discussions”, the LGBT activist were in fact attacked during one libertarian manifestation.

The International Workers Association (IWA) by its Secretariat denounces the fascist and nationalist aggressors and provocateurs of MPST. The Secretariat and the Sections and Friends of the IWA worldwide will inform all libertarian organization in the world with whom the MPST have contact, and call for a boycott not only of the MPST, but any group and any libertarian activist from the former "Soviet Union", which don`t condemn this group, such acts and those who perpetrate them!

Oslo, April 3- 2013
IWA- Secretariat


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