Statement issued for the 8th March Women Strike - CNT AIT Granada

On this March 8th, on the occasion of this year’s Women Strike, the Feminist Section of the CNT-AIT Granada will go out to the streets again and are inviting all women and non-cisgender normative people to join.

As anarchosyndicalists, we see the strike as an extraordinary power to make the inequalities we face visible and to shake the system of
domination to which we are subjected, since it makes the relationship between the class system and structural violence obvious. The strike on March 8th will not be a common strike but a feminist strike, which adds new perspectives to our struggle and further evidences how women and the non-cisgender normative identities are the ones who deal with the lower and most precarious status within the capitalist and patriarchal society, and that we are the ones suffering, in our bodies and identities, all the violence of the system at all levels.

A day's strike in which all women stop work will make the co-relation between state, patriarchy and capitalism clear and also how capitalist
exploitation is closely related to gender division, relegating women to breeding and care jobs (without which the system could not exist) and
making the traditionally feminized jobs still more precarious.

We must launch our demands for change in the labour field:

-Job and private life in balanced proportion
-Bigger protection of motherhood
-End of the salary breach that makes us women earn less than men in the same positions
-Effective actions in cases of sexual harassment
-Put an end to feminization of poverty
-A fair share with men in care tasks
-Better protection to the pension system

All women and non-cisgender normative identities are, in a way, forced to sell our bodies to capitalism and patriarchy. We are the precarious ones, the migrants, the race marked, the sex workers, the housewives, the transexuals. We are the carers, the mothers, the non binary identities, we are the ones left aside, the imprisoned ones, and the ones that are not with us any longer because patriarchal violence killed them.

We are the ones who on March 8 will go out to the streets for an entire day of strike in order to question the system. We will go to the streets to remind both capitalism and state that they should not attempt to manipulate our own speech because, for us, the only valid feminism is class feminism.

The labour field is just one of the axes in this feminist strike, since it goes along with the student strike and the care and consumption
strike. This strike is a break with and a cry of rage against the system that humiliates, abuses and despises us so badly; it will be a day for
empowerment and for showing the ones who still hesitate that, when together, even if precarious, but always organized, we can defeat
patriarchy and capitalism.

From the Granada CNT-AIT, Feminist Section, we also share the statement
accepted at national level:



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