Statement of the USI-AIT

Firenze: This morning at dawn the police cleared the squat of via Conciatori n.4, seat of Unione Sindacale Italiana (USI-AIT), of the Circolo Anarchico Fiorentino and of the "Progetto Conciatori"

Some comrades opposed to this clearing climbing the roof, trying to resist as long as possible, while in the street there were other comrades demonstrating against the clearing. The Unione Sindacale Italiana condemns the police attack to the seat of a worker union and remarks the high level of repression that this kind of action reveal, above all because it has been required by a politician whose party state to be on the workers side.

The Mayor of Firenze has never accepted the proposal of a project of self-recovering of the building by the “Progetto Conciatori", preferring the private speculation.

With this clearing, Firenze looses an experience of autogestion that has offered many important cultural initiatives and also a political and unionist project unique in its struggle to defend free social spaces, the surrounding region and all of the exploited workers.

Once again the Unione Sindacale Italiana has been hit by the speculation that is always attacking our seats, exactly as happened in 1925 when the fascist regime requisitioned all of the USI seats, those seats that were never given back by the Italian state after the war.

Segreteria Nazionale and Commissione Esecutiva USI-AIT would like to express to the comrades of Firenze and of Tuscany the solidarity of USI and also to affirm a real support to all of the initiatives that those comrades will decide to carry out.

They express a likewise solidarity to all of those groups that were present today inside the building in Via dei Conciatori n°4 in Firenze.

Segreteria Nazionale and Commissione Esecutiva USI-AIT



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