Stop the deportations!

The Capitalist system is in crisis and there are attacks on all fronts against the workers conditions and rights. Goverments are desperate, and they are playing dangerous cards, as the Berlusconi government that in 2008 started a witch-hunt against the Roma people and immigrants, and now the Sarkozy government in France that is deporting the Roma.

The Secretariat encloses a statement called "Basta de deportaciones" from the SOV of CNT-AIT Jaén (Spain) that puts this into the right context:

Indifference and crime is the same thing – Mark Edelmann, leader of the rebellion at the Warsaw ghetto.

The CNT from Jaen CNT strongly condemns the horrific massiv deportations against the Roma in France. We denounce the intolerance of the neo-fascist government of Nicolas Sarkozy.

We believe that this deportation violates fundamental rights of a collective whose members are fully-fledged European citizens. Massive deportation of members of the Roma people is a fact that denigrates us all, without exception, French or not. We find it alarming that a country like France which was for long years victim of fascism and that has seen in the flesh what racial crimes mean (massive deportation included), is perpetrating this outrage.. We consider that these acts are based on an institutional politics that stigmatizes the Roma people.

It seems that, for the French neo-fascist government all are guilty, all are criminals, and all without exception deserve deportation. They destroy their homes and throw them out of the country just by de fact of belonging to a particular group of people. Everyone pays equally: whole families, regardless of children and old people who will see their living conditions worsening. These institutionally racist principles are those moving the French Home Office. It is a shame!

They inexcusably identify the Roma people with theft, crime and drugs… they are accused of being anti-social… All of them without distinction. But, why aren`t the caste of bankers and speculators and all the other slag not charged with the same? They have ruined half of the world with their tricks and they are left peacefully at home. Are not all of them the same? Why don`t they deport this class of scoundrels? Why is this caste not deported? Aren’t they criminals, thieves, drug-dealers? Aren’t these ones enemies of the people, aren’t they anti-social? Of course, they are!

In order to fight organized crime, the first thing to do is get our hands on this bunch of thieves.

The war against the poor is raging and it is a must, not only for anti-racist and anti-capitalist militants, but for all good people, to stop these abuses which bring us back to the darkest part of Europe History. It is imperative to speak out.



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