Support to the General Strike on March 29 called by the Spanish CNT- AIT!

The CNT-AIT and the Spanish working class are involved in a bitter fight and call on the support of the international working class.

The so-called Labour Reform is a direct attack on the workers rights, pay and working conditions. In 2010, the “socialist” government introduced a round of measures which slashed public sector pay, drove down pensions and cut public services. The new right wing government is carrying on where the old government left off. They are embarking on yet another round of austerity cuts which will further drive down the conditions of life of Spanish workers and it aims to crush or/and weaken the ability of workers to organize and fight.

The current attack on Spanish workers and on the worldwide working class has one sole objective, to secure the economical dictatorship of the capitalists. The price of freedom and security for the capitalists is slavery for the working class. This is the nature of capitalism. The only path to emancipation for us as workers is to take control of our own struggle: A struggle that is directed against and outside the class collaborationist structures and that through Direct Action confronts and defeats the evil that is Capitalism.

The Secretariat of the International Workers Association (IWA) sends its support to the General Strike on March 29 called by the Spanish CNT-AIT and the mobilizations and workers Direct Actions that are so strongly needed further to fight the Capitalist offensive!

Long live the CNT-AIT and anarchosyndicalism!
Long live the AIT!

Oslo, March 21- 2012

Anarchosyndicalist greetings
from the IWA-Secretariat


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