Urgent Solidarity Actions of the IWA

There will a be a new International solidarity- and action Day against the Temporary Work Agency Start People, June 23rd - and a Day of actions against Hotel Vincci on June 26th. Here we inform you rapidly about Urgent Actions of the IWA.

There was an International day of struggle against Temporary Work Agency Start People at April 7th and it will now be a new International solidarity and action day, June 23rd.The conflict is not solved and the dismissed worker is not reinstated so the IWA and its Sections and Friends are again mobilizing after an initiative of CNT-AIT Zaragoza (zaragoza@cnt.es ).

They say in an appeal to the CNTE unions and the IWA that:

"Therefore we call for an international day of solidarity on June 23 at the offices of Start People around the world. All of the syndicates that organize solidarity action are asked to notify us so that we can spread the information in Zaragoza and on our website. We'd like to take the opportunity to thank all the comrades who have shown solidarity with our comrade"

You find information at: https://iwa-ait.org/?q=node&page=1 (English) where you also find adresses of branches of Start People/USG people. Startpeople.com is brand name of the usgpeople.com European company, and information from their usgpeople.com website says: "Our companies are active in ten European countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Switzerland."

European tels, fax and locations are available at:
And see also: http://startpeople.com

-There are also appeals of Urgent Actions concerning the conflicts in Granada (ASM and Hotel Vincci) where CNT members are dismissed. ASM has unjustly dismissed Alfredo and has besides Spain, also a branch in Portugal. See the solidarity web-site: http://asmdespideyexplota.blogspot.com/

There will be a Day of Actions against Hotel Vincci on June 26th! Hotel Vincci has unjustly dismissed Manuel and the company hotels in Spain, Portugal, USA and Tunisia. For e-mails/ faxes of Vincci hotels contact an IWA Section or see here: http://www.vinccihoteles.com/

-We also appeal you to show solidarity to the campaign initiated by the SOV CNT-AIT of Alicante against the harassments, bad working conditions and dismissals in the firm Editoral Oceano in Alicante. The conflict goes on and the pressure must be increased! The firm has branches in many countries, besides Spain, especially in Central- and South America. The name of the Director of Océano is: José Manuel García Marcos E-mail: dires@oceano.com

For e-mail/faxes of branches contact an IWA Section or see here:

-The solidarity for the Lisboa 11 is going on! This is a solidarity initiative from the AIT- Portugal. Several people were injured during a demonstration, some of them badly, and 11 of the demonstrators were arrested. They are risking sentences from six months to five years of imprisonment. There have been trials on April 20th and 29th and May 19th against the Lisbon 11.

See the appeal at: https://iwa-ait.org/?q=node/24 (English)

Oslo, June 21st 2010

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