For Urgent Solidarity with General Strike in Bolivia!

The events of extreme importance occur now in Bolivia. The trade union federation (Central Obrera Boliviana) organizes the indefinite general strike since 7 of April. The main strikers are miners, teachers, health workers and workers of medical and social insurance. The demands of strikers are: general wage increase of 15% for all workers of the private and public sectors, the abolition of planned neoliberal reforms of social and health insurance, preservation of university autonomy, etc.

The Bolivian unions are not anarcho-syndicalist at all although they state traditionally that especially unions and no parties are genuine organizations of the working class. The current strikes are carried out very strongly and radically. Strikers take to the streets, they hold marches and they began the blockade of all major streets and roads in Bolivia. Authorities declared the strike illegal and ordered the workers to return to work but they ignore these demands and threats of heavy fines. The strikers declare their intention to continue the struggle until victory. There are clashes with police, during which the miners used dynamite sticks. Union representatives said that if the police resort to “reactionary violence”, the workers will respond with revolutionary violence!

The movement develops under a strong pressure from the rank and file unionists. They said, if the union leadership will accept propositions of government without the satisfaction of workers demands, they will regard it as a class betrayal!

Indefinite General strike in Bolivia is currently the best example of how workers can and should defend their social rights against attacks from the state and capital. This is the peak and the model of resolute class resistance in the modern world at all, the proof of what the working class can make, if he intends to defend their social rights and interests. The struggle of Bolivian workers must become today an example for workers around the world!

We encourage the Secretariat and all Sections of IWA to express support for the general strike and the just demands of the workers of Bolivia, the heroic struggle of which we are now watching with admiration.

Long live anarcho-syndicalism and anarchist communism!

International Secretariat of KRAS-IWA



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