Victory against Portinox – Teka

The CNT-AIT Granada announces the end of the conflict with the metal company Portinox, from the Teka group. The past Wednesday, July 16, a court decision was handed down from the hearing of the 14th. The dismissal was voided and our comrade Pablo, the CNT union delegate in this company, returned to work on July 21. The company was ordered to pay his back salary and reinstate him immediately.

Our comrades in the company know that they have to be careful. There are people who will throw up their hands when they see our delegate in the factory working along with the others. Now a new work period starts in Portinox. This is the end of a concrete conflict, but not the end of the needs of the workers in the factory. There were 12 more people dismssed, four of which had an agreement, but 7 or 8, almost all from CCOO who had wanted to fight for reinstatement but had to settle for compensation. It would have been better if they could chose whether to return to work or get the compensation.

Many of the unions of the CNT or sections of the IWA (Madrid, Guadalajara, Santander, Valladolid, Zaragoza, Russia, Norway, Slovakia, Poland, Portugal...) showed us solidarity during the conflict, denouncing the situation. This was noticed by the Teka Group. We would like to thank everybody who supported the campaign.

We know that Portinox-Teka have taken this victory very hard. We should make an example and show workers the effects of fighting for their rights and the strategy of the CNT. If they do nothing, sooner or later they can be effected or dismissed themselves and it is very difficult if they haven't prepared for this previously. If the workers organize together, they can do more than campaigns and boycotts, like strike, which would completely destroy Portinox if it were well organized.

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